A True Friend

Flickr Meeting at Tusk ₪ by Voj

*True Friends*

They always seem to care

True Friends

Are always there

True Friends

Are always on your mind

True Friends

Always seem so kind

True Friends

Can change

Or True Friends

Can stay the same

True Friends

Stick to your side

True Friends

Should never leave you behind

True Friends

Are close to the heart

Real True friends never break apart

Image: ₪ Cobija: Corporativa al atardecer – Flickr Meeting at Tusk ₪ by ►Voj►

9 thoughts on “A True Friend

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  2. That’s is so touching. And you are right friends sick together for ever.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year Lizzie

  3. Hi lizzie! I LOVE this poem. First, because it is sooooo true and second, It’s very very very well chosen with words and third… I can connect to it… I personaly know that if someone writes a poem that i can connect to or anyone can connect to… i is a great poem. Like Solana said… It NEVER grows old. i’ve probably read this poem 4 times now and i still love it.
    So keep writeing those poems and i’m sure of it that you’ll be an amazing author one day! 😀
    Signed: ~Masterpiece~
    PS: The way i connect to this poem is through my very best friend Max D.

  4. Hey “~Masterpiece~”!

    Thanks for the comment! I have been on your blog many times and I love your blog too! You have lots of great poems…. My favorite is the one about When someone dies. I love reading all of them!! Another one of your best is Toy soldier! You are the great writer.


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